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Our philosophy... At Head Start Tuition we believe that success is driven by confidence.

The relationship between the tutor and the pupil is paramount - built around trust and an
understanding of the specific needs of each individual.

The starting point for any child when they come to Head Start Tuition is getting to know the tutor and talking to them about their requirements. This way the tutor can assess in an un-threatening manner and come to truly appreciate each child’s style of learning.

Head Start Tuition is not simply an extension of school. The rooms are bright, vibrant and child friendly. Tutors are known by their first names, and great care has been taken to create an ethos free of pressure and stress. Tutors actively encourage pupils to discuss any fears and concerns they have about school or specific subject areas. We believe this relaxed and informal atmosphere provides the best environment for pupils to be honest and frank about what help they need.

We know that children learn in lots of different ways, and we use a huge range of different resources to make the lessons as interesting and effective as possible. These include interactive software and every classroom is equipped with a computer and broadband internet access. It is up to each tutor to choose the most appropriate resources to support the teaching objectives for each individual child.

As qualified and experienced teachers we carefully follow the National Curriculum and are fully aware of the objectives the schools will be covering for each year group. The beauty of individual teaching at Head Start Tuition is that we can support this Curriculum at a pace most appropriate for the individual pupil. Our service is designed to compliment schools and we will work in partnership with them if this is what the parents would like. Complete discretion is of course assured at all times.

Overall, Head Start Tuition prides itself on being a place where children can feel at ease and enjoy learning. By building their confidence and making them believe in themselves, we can boost both their academic and personal achievement. As a student and as a child they can then go on to fulfil their full potential.